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American Gods

Converting Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" from novel to TV show is no easy feat. With complex symbolism and a massive cast including Ian McShane and Crispin Glover, things will get hairy. That's why the American Gods podcast is here! Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain old gods and new through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.

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Apr 26, 2017

"American Gods" hits a home run with Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday, but how does the rest of the cast stack up?

In this series preview, we discuss big names like Crispin Glover, Kristin Chenoweth, Corbin Bernsen, Orlando Jones and Gillian Anderson.

More importantly, we focus on the lesser-known actors — like Ricky...