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American Gods

Converting Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" from novel to TV show is no easy feat. With complex symbolism and a massive cast including Ian McShane and Crispin Glover, things will get hairy. That's why the American Gods podcast is here! Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain old gods and new through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.

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Jun 23, 2017

Bilquis, Bilquis, Bilquis and a dash of ODIIIIIIIIIN! This week's American Gods viewer mail, covering Episode 8: "Come to Jesus," features a bombshell theory about Shadow Moon's mother, insights on how sacrifices empower gods, thoughts on the season finale and even a letter from someone who quit watching after Episode...

Jun 20, 2017

You wanted a positive podcast? You got a positive podcast! American Gods' Season One finale, "Come To Jesus," gave us more of what we love about the show and answered a slew of questions. In this episode, we cover Bilquis' history, the strengths and weaknesses of different gods, Mr. Wednesday's vicious master plan, and...

Jun 17, 2017

Listeners correct Gene and uncover the burning motif of American Gods Episode 7: A Prayer For Mad Sweeney. Roger returns to defend Emily Browning's honor, and the boys discuss how Hollywood loves a big head on a tiny body.

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Jun 14, 2017

"American Gods" tried something different with Episode 7: A Prayer For Mad Sweeney. The Starz show stuck close to the Neil Gaiman novel, and it hugged a single narrative for the full hour. Discover what this episode revealed about the American Gods universe, why Emily Browning got so much screen time and the...

Jun 9, 2017

The gloves are off, and the F-bombs are dropping after American Gods Episode 6: A Murder of Gods, with listeners clashing on the political vision of the show. Are these lightning-rod scenes giving us a better understanding of American Gods' message, or do they reflect an immature philosophy? Catch this quick episode,...