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American Gods

Converting Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" from novel to TV show is no easy feat. With complex symbolism and a massive cast including Ian McShane and Crispin Glover, things will get hairy. That's why the American Gods podcast is here! Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain old gods and new through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.

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Apr 24, 2019

Welp, we finally found a character we really liked, and Season 2 Episode 7 took him away. Will "American Gods" be able to fill the gap left by Sunday's shocking death? And will Odin ever be able to retrieve Gungnir? The King Bee has the answers.

Gene Lyons maps out the complex storytelling behind Mad Sweeney's three...

Apr 20, 2019

"American Gods" really strutted its stuff with Episode 6 of Season 2, going burlesque for the most entertaining installment of the series to date. Find out what set "Donar The Great" apart and get the history on American Gods' newest character, Columbia. 

The King Bee deep dives into the myriad mythical references...

Apr 11, 2019

"The Ways of The Dead" —episode 5 of American Gods' second season— tackled racism in America, showed us just how graphic STARZ is willing to get, and finally gave us the Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney sex scene we never knew we wanted.

Along the way, we were dragged through barrage of historical and mythical allusions,...

Apr 5, 2019

"The Greatest Story Ever Told" —episode 4 of American Gods' second season— was so different from previous episodes that we thought we'd tuned into the wrong show. The tone was different. The cast was different. And then we realized we might be witnessing the birth of a god for the first time.

Things got downright...